Akashic Reiki - What's in your Book?

So, I had my Akashic Book opened recently, how are things with you?

Seriously, the Akashic Book is a complete record of all universal thoughts, events, words, emotions and intents ever to have occurred in the past present or future of all entities and life forms.

Let that sink in for a moment.

'Everything that has ever happened, been felt, been thought of and that ever will happen, be felt or thought about by every living thing since before the start of time itself has been recorded in a big book, accessible though a vibrational plane'

Described as 'indestructible tablets of astral light' the Akashic Book or Records is like a film, recording all the desires and experiences on earth. Every human being since time began and the entire animal kingdom. Accessed and 'viewed' by occultists, mediums, clairaudients and clairvoyants. This innate 'knowledge' can be used to pass down messages, provide guidance, nurturing and deepening the well of resources a person can use to support day to day life.

Check out Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) on You Tube - he has a great video on Akashic records and has an awesome presentation style.

At last months Soltice celebration I met a healer named Monina who has been called to use Reiki to cleanse and align the chakras and then calling upon her own guides and gods to help her open the Akashic records and allow messages to come through her, as a conduit assisting, healing and informing the client in their lives.

Monina (Momo) was born and raised in the Philippines and came to Vegas in October of 2006. In 2015 she started going to a psychic development group after feeling an 'awakening'. She started kundalini yoga in 2019 and felt a pull of energy preparing her for something different. The book Self Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz literally opened her eyes to her journey and she was guided to learn reiki and become a conduit for healing energy. She started incorporating Akashic Records into her Reiki practise in November of last year. Upon meeting her at last month I felt a pull towards her and was so glad that she replied when I reached out. I was eager to experience her energy work.

Traveling across town to Eclectic Reikiology, in Las Vegas, Nevada in the early afternoon, on a winters Monday in January. Located in a business office, Eclectic Reiki had been on my list of places to check out and I am so glad I did. The front of the space has a little store front with crystals, essential oils, candles, incense and other tools of enlightenment. There is a large center room in which they have group reiki, singing bowl meditations and other gatherings. In fact, when I had completed my treatment, they had a Tuesday at 2pm Reiki circle happening. It is $5 to join and there were 5 or 6 friendly, smiling and open light workers there. Call to book or just pop in.

Eclectic Reikiology

2760 Lake Sahara Dr., Suite 106,

Las Vegas, NV 89117

(702) 941-4481

With 3 or 4 private rooms in the place, I was ushered by Monina into her space, a comfortable area, with a table and two chairs, a massage table and other tables filled with magical items scattered around the room. There were wall hangings and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming, definitely a place I would be comfortable hanging out / meditating in for many hours. And a place I already long to return too.

I filled in a basic information form, and acknowledged that Reiki does not take the place of a doctor blah blah blah. And that I was currently covid free (or to the best of my knowledge) and then Monina and I started talking about the Akashic reiki we were heading in to.

Having experienced reiki many times, and using reiki on myself and my loved ones, I feel comfortable in that department. My understanding of energy work is fundamentally workable. No questions there. Having little to no knowledge of Askashic Records - I went into the session blind, open and excited to hear what Monina would discern and what messages I could take with me.

Monina had asked me during the week to come up with anything that I would like to know answers too, or any topic I would like the session to focus on. I had originally thought that an upcoming business venture that I was heading up would be where I was seeking guidance but as I was driving to my appointment that day, I was drawn inwards. Seeking instead advice and guidance on my mental health, my inner workings. Knowing that with a little clarity there, the external things would be easier to figure out and decide upon.

I shared both of these with Monina and even talking about the business venture with her felt heavy. She agreed with me, that looking inward and building a strong foundation would allow for clarity and decisiveness in the day to day.

I took off my shoes and hopped up onto Monina's table. She asked me if she had my permission to open my Akashic Record, of which I assented. As instructed, I took 10 breaths in and out through my nose to center myself and allowed her to do her thing. Turned out her thing is to start with an invocation prayer inviting her god to come and be witness to her work. It was a lovely sentiment and I felt a warm protective element enter the room with us.

Meditation state is a place I can sink into fairly easily and just about anywhere. I am great at acknowledging my thoughts and allowing them to move along - escalator style. I just continued breathing and felt myself sinking deeper and deeper. I also went through an 'ice, water, gas' meditation space too. Truly grounded and relaxed. One thing surprised me during the my quiet time - my usual acknowledgement of thoughts changed in that I was able to look at the thoughts and ideas that came up from a different perspective, almost like I was looking at them through a mirror. I was able to send each thought on its way with a happy outcome and a smile on my face. It was weird and unusual and fulfilling.

Monina sprayed three different bottles of essential oils into the air above and around us two times throughout the session. She played singing bowls, and chimes, and there was some zen meditation music playing too - although that was precariously connected to wifi and would cut out slightly from time to time.

Monina moved around my body, placing crystals on chakras and pretty quickly I felt a sensation of being able to inhale so much more than ever before. It was like my lungs grew 50% bigger and I was breathing in and out forever! It was such an expansive and joyous feeling. I felt so calm and put together. Able to take on anything one huge breath at a time.

Towards the beginning of the session I felt a constricted feeling in my neck, just to the left of my throat chakra, like a binding restriction and not in a good way :). It didn't hurt, just a pressure like feeling to the left side of my neck. Weird, anyone who knows me, knows I don't have a problem speaking up and out!

The energy was quite literally magnetic, and I found myself 'pulled' to wherever Monina was standing. In a totally fine, non disruptive, smooth flowing kind of way, where ever she was, my body just kind of knew she was there, gravitated or pulled a little toward her. It wasn't bothering my mindfulness, just like a post script - my energy was drawn to hers and moved around the room with her.

And then what usually happens for me during energy work or meditation.....just 60 minutes later.

'I felt like I had been on the table

for 100 hours

and also like I had just blinked'

Monina touched my shoulder and guided me to stretch and move and sit up in my own time. She was able to express to me what she had downloaded during the session. She also asked my permission to close my akashic record.

There were a few stand outs for me - and I don't need to get into it all here, some of it is information which will be consolidated in future meditations, dreams and reiki sessions. One of the biggest take-aways was that my spirit guide was there - a small old lady, very wrinkled wearing an apron, in the middle of baking, was fussing over me, and following Monina around, checking in on me. Monina said she was very maternal in nature, and very old. And she said to make sure I knew that she was always there for me (more about my spirit guides in a future blog).

Guides also passed on a message to Monina, and that message was TRUTH and BALANCE. Speaking my truth and achieving a life balance are two facets that I need to focus on, in order to live my best life. This rang true to me. The balance thing has been a real struggle lately and I thought I was speaking my truth, so I am waiting on some more clarity around that one.

I was also guided that to enter this new opportunity would be to repeat the patterns of old, and that if I didn't enter with my heart (this new business is NOT heart led), then it would just be the same spiral of stress and unhappiness, a reoccurring practice in my life. Again, I thought I had already learned that lesson - but here I am on the precipice of jumping into that mess again.

Over all, this is a practice that I really enjoyed. I shed a few tears as some revelations opened up for me in conversation post session with Monina. Over the coming days and weeks I expect some more downloads. In fact, in the writing of this blog and in revisiting my feelings I have had some more clarity.

If you are interested in exploring your Akashic Records there are some meditations on

You Tube, however having someone as kind and beautiful as Monina guide you through and pass you messages from your past, present and future is very gratifying. She is a wise soul and a conversation with her is like accessing your inner therapist. She leads you to thought, connection, revelation and is a beloved stepping stone on my path to enlightenment.

I truly recommend Monina and her Akashic Reiki to anyone who is on a spiritual path as a way to access your life's lessons. Plus meeting Monina, a wonderful light worker with a heart of gold, will make your journey even more special.

Monina Pasion

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