The importance of Body Work

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I am a massage therapist by training but I never got my licence - so I am certified but I can't legally practice massage for money in the state of Nevada. And that's okay.

Massage therapy school was so wonderful, it opened doors for me in my life. I still have close friends from those times and the anatomical knowledge and skill is still in these hands. Although I don't put them to use too often, I do understand the importance of regular body work and the treasure of a good therapist when you find one.

I am not made of money and can not afford to get a massage every week but find a school - get a massage by a student - you will not be disappointed... well, maybe you will. But for $30 I will take a bad massage and a nap on the table, every now and then.

I found an awesome school here in Las Vegas, next time you are in town - fuck the expensive spas and head out to Summerlin and let the students have a go.

European Massage Therapy School is located at 9440 W Sahara ave, suite 250, Las Vegas, NV 89117.

Their Services:

Swedish Massage: 50 min – $30/ 80 min – $45

Deep Tissue: 50 min – $30/ 80 min – $45

Chair Massage 25 min – $20

Their Schedule:

Monday – Thursday: 9am – 9pm

Friday & Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: 10am – 4pm

One of my friends - Tina, is just finishing off her clinical hours - catch her if you can! She was absolutely wonderful.

It is difficult to get a massage sometimes, when you have a background in body work. I often spend a lot of time in my masculine presence - noticing when the therapist doesn't do the same thing on one side as the other. Trying to remember what I liked and didn't like so I can give good feedback. But under Tina's hands I got completely lost.

Unlike some other schools, this school has individual rooms, not curtained partitioned sections of one big room. So it felt safe immediately. Tina had a blanket for me too as the room was a little cold to begin with. There was an essential oil diffuser and a small desk lamp in the room. The table was set up low. I started out prone, and Tina worked first on my back and shoulders. I felt like she spent 100 minutes here, and it was all just so awesome. Great pressure - she checked in to make sure, I dropped into my body and out of my head instantly.

Tina had amazing flow, was instinctive in her touch, and exuded peace, tranquility and safety.

The 50 minutes felt like 100 minutes with Tina doing a move I LOVE at the end of the massage when supine (on my spine) she ran her hands between my back and the table and let gravity do the work on a shoulder blade and spine massage with the old pull up into the base of the skull move. uuuggggghhhhhhh. I was like butter in her hands.

Seriously, I told Tina (and I mean it) I will follow her where ever she goes. I hope its into business for herself in an affordable environment because I don't want to go broke over a great massage therapist!! (but I will)

So if Tina is any reflection of the type of students they are churning out of this place then please give them a go. I am seeing her again before her clinic hours are through and then will continue sampling the other students coming out of there. They are currently hosting 6 classes and project a rise of 22% of massage industry positions in the future - according to their website.

Getting back to the topic - Body work is so so so important! There are multiple reasons - the first and most obvious is the relaxation aspect. It is soothing and relaxing to lay on a bed and have someone rub oil on your body. I fall asleep at least a little bit every single time. I get off the table feeling relaxed, like my bones turned to jelly. Its a great feeling, and my skin is moisturized too. The therapeutic aspect is next on the list - you literally get a work out for your muscles. A therapist worth their weight will feel, notice and react to knots in your shoulders, they will work on your stiff places and feel out your tension. Communication is vital, if its too deep or too painful, let your therapist know. They know how to lessen up the pressure. If you want more than a session of lotion application, let your therapist know, they will work whatever areas you need at any pressure. They want you to come see them again, and get the benefit of a therapeutic massage.

Lastly I will just mention the self worth of a massage. I know many people look at getting a massage as a treat, something we do to spoil ourselves, well, fuck that. I work hard for my money, and I am worth spending money on myself to get a great sleep, work out sore muscles from running or yoga. And YOU deserve that too.

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