Grand Moon Oracle

I recently had the pleasure of e-meeting Laila, a 19 year old from Africa. She has an instagram account - you can find her @grandmoonoracle. She recently started reading tarot and is surprisingly insightful!

Now I have always read tarot for myself, and have guided others to do so for themselves. My deck is old and dog eared, well loved. I know the major arcana well and instinctively, but still have to look up the meanings for the minor. This particular set of cards has traveled the world with me, a few times, I'm never far away from them. I have used the cards to help with big and small decisions, always checking in to see if I am on the right path. I think everyone should be getting their fortunes read or reading their own quite regularly, like a spiritual check up.

Laila, runs Grand Moon Oracle on Instagram is a sweet treasure.

. . . she is just starting out with the whole accepting $$ for spiritual guidance thing - we remember well those days.

After helping set up her Paypal account - I sent over $5 and asked for a three card spread - at time of writing she is offering a $1 per card read. My focus was the usual - Am I walking the right direction on my path and is there anything I need to change or watch out for.

Laila pulled a 3 of Cups for my path question and interpreted it as a 'yes' that the 3 of cups was a card all about building friendships and a community. - Which is cool, as we met as I began building

For things to change or watch out for she pulled the page of wands reversed. It can mean anything from lack of drive, immaturity and irritability. Laila interpreted it as a reminder to keep my cool, and let things flow naturally, trying not to force it. I just love this advice and it very much resonates with me.


The third card pulled from me was really lovely, Laila asked 'What should I do to best acheive my life purpose and continue on the right path' She then pulled the sun.

I didn't need Laila's interpretation to take this as a very good sign. I am a Leo, and the fiery energy of the sun card, the positive, lively, magnetic energy is exactly what I am looking for as I continue on this path.

Laila sent me all my pulls and info through Instagram's messenger section although if you send over your email she would be happy to send your pull and its interpretations over to you. She has a hodgepodge set of tarot cards that are really quite magical, as I explained to her, the cards are not the key, it is the beauty and power of the reader. Cards are just our tools. I was pleasantly surprised at the detail and time she spent with me for my humble payment.

I encourage you to help to support this young spiritual worker in these times. Laila is personable, likable and endearing with her ambition and drive. Not sure what $5 US translates into her money but every penny helps when just starting out and now she can say she is a 'professional tarot reader'. How cool is that!?

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