1000 Women

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I humbly submit

my lofty goal of

enriching and encouraging

1000 women

through the power of


I hereby declare that with my leadership, commitment, friendship, grounded, and powerful presence, 1000 women will be uplifted, changed for the better and put back in touch with their innate wisdom.

We WILL learn, cry, laugh, share, dance, lean in, sigh, be quiet, be loud, encourage, smile, rest, ground, relax, conjure magic, sing, sway, move, lift up, sleep, hold hands, bless, grieve, shine, beam, light up, scream, hug, be SEEN and be HEARD.

The women will rise up, and live their best lives. Encouraging and invoking the inner goddess of more women with gentle strength and compassion, patience and deep understanding.

It will take time, but one circle at a time, one month at a time, one lesson at a time. I will bring the vibrational essence of this universe up, Up, UP with the sensationally beautiful and magnificently powerful women folk of earth.

Wont you join me?

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