Moon Water

In preparation for tomorrows full moon I have placed my crystal infused water out in the garden ready for absorbing the abundant energy.

Using a lidded glass jar, and popping in a couple of (clean) crystals (moon crystal, and an amethyst) I filled the container with clear, fresh water and found a lovely fluffy foliage plant that will catch moon beams.

As the full moon this month (its actually a blue moon) is on Saturday the 31st at approximately 10am in my time zone. It was important that my jar was out the night before and will stay out over all hallows eve to get infused by the actual moon light.

Moon bathing is great for all living things. Full moon meditations help to lighten our load by using the moon beams (either visualized or actual) to whisk away or dissolve those things that no longer serve us. We can also perform rituals to release negative relationships and people, set free our shadow selves (could be ego driven, self obsessive inclinations). Allowing room to bring in the light sides of our personalities and increase abundance.

In fact, this moon - a blue hunters moon is great for manifesting change. Shifting energies, rethinking old beliefs, redefining dug in traditions. So clean out that closet, donate your old belongings, clear out your mind and soul with a good full moon meditation and set your intentions for the coming month/s.

What do I use the water for? Great question!

You can do with it all that you would do with water! Drink it, or at least I place a little in my morning water. I place a little in my watering can for my indoor plants. You can add some essential oil and use it to anoint, or as a room spray. Use it in your kitchen witchcraft, place a little into your cookie batch or when you are boiling vegetables for dinner.

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