Reiki Rose and her Angel Cards

I don't believe in God.

I mean, I don't believe in one God. I do believe there was a guy named Jesus who was a good carpenter and a nice person. I like some of the bible STORIES but don't instil much meaning in them. I love Greek and Norse gods and goddesses but I put more stock in fairies, and spirits than the written word of 'Christ' or the idea of 'Angels'.

Enter Angelina Ortiz into my life. I booked a distance reiki session with Reiki Rose 319 without checking into her website much - just saw the special running this month and went with it! It had been about a month since I had received Reiki and my last session was in person. I was ready for a check up.

Angelina is great at communicating and had sent the zoom link over and checked in the day before my session. The session was set for 45 to 60 minutes and was right at that time line.

We started with a little chat about who each of us were, I was delighted to find out that Angelina was originally a California girl and now lives in a snowy state, she shared that she currently works in retail and is planning on making her life calling into a sustainable income generating position. She has such a lovely calming spirit, we could have chatted for the whole hour and I wouldn't have minded at all!

Getting down to business, Angelina had caught some quiet space before my session and had a couple of messages for me (that she shared after the session). She got White Tulips - meaning worthiness and forgiveness, and Water, Surfing, Freedom and Waves. The tulips resonated with me, and were in reference to my intention that was set at the behest of Angelina at the beginning of the session.

As usual, I had spent some time the day before searching for my intention or question for the session. Nothing came to mind, not even the general 'Am I on the right path??' as I already have a pretty good clue about that. That morning once the session started, and Angelina invited me to set my intention - it came to me, clear as mud.

'What will my family look like in the near future? What changes are in store and how do I navigate that'

The number 295 came to Angelina before our session too - meaning to trust that the changes you are making or considering are adjusting your life purpose so that you can better focus on your Devine purpose. - zing.

The actual session was marvellous. I applied some Rose Essential Oil onto my palms and third eye chakra and settled down to listed to a wonderful guided meditation written and performed by Angelina.

Her lilting voice traveled into my ears along with some kind of invisible sleepy drug that dropped me into that place between wakefulness and sleep in a jiffy.

Angelina introduced me to the Archangel Gabriel who had called to her to be my guide for the session. He is the dude who helps the spirit babies make the transition from heaven earth side. Cool. I literally knew nothing about him. Apparently, he is the reason we have the little cleft in our top lip, under our noses, he puts his finger there as he guides us into our physical bodies. My body gave a small involuntary shiver at the 'god' references but I hung in there!

While my mind was being taken on a journey through forests, and rivers, Angelina was doing her energetic healing thing, from a distance, After we were done, I stretched and hopped back on camera with Angelina. She checked in with me and then drew my angel cards... another shiver.

Out of The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray, Angelina drew the following cards for me:

Honesty and Communication : An opportunity to speak my truth, being honest with myself and all those around me. When you speak your truth you draw support and light of the universe into your heart.

Power and Intention : You have the capacity to be a leader and guide at this time, align with the highest good and act from the heart.

Forgiveness and Understanding : As soon as you see the word you will know where this energy is needed ( I did!! ). Forgiveness is the correction of human vision and an opportunity to see through the eyes of the soul. Whatever situation feels heavy on your heart now, your angel guide is inviting you to release it. (PS. Right after the reading, I did some journaling over my trauma inventory and was able to bring up and walk through some negative emotions and I was able to achieve a light, happy empty feeling after releasing some of that stuff I have been carrying around for YEARS!

Raise your Vibration : It's time to move up a level! It's time to fly high! You are filled with inspiration now and attracting only good.

The most impressive thing about Reiki Rose 319 and Angelina, (and there were a lot of impressive things about her) was her follow up emails. The first, laying out exactly all the messages that she received before and during our session. And the second email that arrived two days later checking in, and letting me know she was thinking about me. How kind!!

Seriously, just the kindest, most sincere and honestly the most beneficial Reiki session I have had in a long time. I am sure that my body and mind were ready to let go, and do some work. Breaking down to break through.

The session with Angelina was a culmination of some deep work I have been doing lately and was such a release and a relief. She is so beautiful and thoughtful and wonderful and all the other 'ful's. Highly recommended!

Angelina Ortiz

Distance Reiki, Group Distance Reiki, Angel Cards, Intuition Development.

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