Singing Bowls

My friend JaeAna trained in singing bowls 2 years ago, and she lives way up, the other side of Mt Charleston, at Lee Canyon. And it took me every day of those 2 years and many many moons since I had seen the beauty of the mountain to finally take my butt up there.

About 75 minutes from the center of Las Vegas, you will find JaeAna's blessed, wilderness retreat, where she works with the beauty of nature to create an inner peace of the like I have never experienced before and only hope to experience again.

Her 60 minute session runs $65 and she does offer 30 mins for $35 and 40 minutes for $45. Time is irrelevant for this treatment when completed the 60 minutes felt like 2 weeks and 5 seconds all at once.

I am going to refer to JaeAna's Tibetan Singing Bowls as a form or meditation. For that is the best word I can find for it.

JaeAna showed me the way the bowls sound and feel - this is a vibrational experience! I layed face up on a massage table, was gently covered by a big blanket and the magic began.

JaeAna asked me to envision an intention for the practice today, and I chose a pretty generic - 'Clarity' intention. To be cleaned, to be clear. She struck different bowls and walked around me.

It was truly wonderful.

Then it got better.

JaeAna let me know that the next bowl would be placed ON me!! She struck the bowl and placed it on my heart center.

The vibrations rang through my body, a kin to a spiral, i could feel the energy moving and swirling from the heart up through my crown and all the way down to my toes. The massage table was vibrating, the very earth shook.

And so it continued, I spent about 20 minutes supine with different bowls being placed on my body and struck. I was asked to turn over, face down and the final 30 - 40 minutes was spent in a state of bliss, between sleep and wake. JaeAna had smudged prior to my entry and she used essential oils in her treatment, rubbing her hands and waving them around creating a treat for all senses.

At one stage I was in such a state of delirium,

that I felt as though the sound was emanating from my body

and spiraling up and out into the world

in a glorious cacophony of healing.

60 minutes later (or was it 2 weeks), i emerged from my trance like state. The lightness in my body and the 'clarity' I felt was otherworldly. Took a few moments to sit and breathe and drink my water before standing up. JaeAna's professionalism and information were outstanding. She let me know to be wary of being sleepy, to listen to my body and drink plenty of water.

That night I was sleepy, and I put myself to bed early. I dreamed not only in color but in SMELL - seriously, it was smell-o-vision!!

All in all I have two things to say - if you have never experienced a Tibetan Singing Bowl session - then DO IT. Secondly if you have experienced a Tibetan Singing Bowl - then DO IT AGAIN! Tis Amaze-Balls!

If you are in or visiting the Las Vegas area, check out my friend JaeAna's facebook page - or call her on 702 218-2218. She comes to you too, but trust me - take her up on the offer of a session in the mountain.

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