The Power of a Circle of Women

When were you first in a group of women? - Did you have a positive, rich and deep experience of the feminine divine or was it negative, 'bitchy', competitive and uncomfortable? We as woman can be so hard on each other. The ugly green jealous monster rears it head and we end up being just mean to each other!

My first experience with a group of women was very positive. I was 18, at my first real job after school and the ladies I worked with in the child care center invited me to their once a month book club. It was many many moons ago now, but what still stands out to me was the laughter, eating, sharing our ideas and a feeling of non judgement - my opinions were valued and the circle was warm.

The flip side of this experience, 20 years later was a group of sales women I worked with. I was their office administrator and HR rep. These women were cut throat! Man! I experienced women in a male dominated field and the masculine energy was astounding. They were bitchy, competitive, power hungry and angry. I had one of the successful sales women on my massage table one time (I was studying massage at the time) and she completely dissolved at my touch, broke down and sobbed. The gentle, loving feminine energy I was able to share with her was too much while she was used to operating deep in her masculine. She never got on my table again, and we had a strained relationship at work after that. In hindsight I totally understand her behavior.

Your Authentic Self

When we first realize that there are options on how we operate, make decisions and run our lives, the whole world opens up. Literally. Loosening the binds of the masculine and tapping into your core, as a WOMAN will change your life, just like it changed mine. I now communicate from a feminine, centered space. I actually take the time to self care instead of just talking about it, and I refuse to be treated as anything but the goddess I am. It all started in Sistership Circle. My power and confidence is growing and expanding ever outward like a spiral and I feel so GOOD. Seriously. Each week, each day, each circle space I hold for myself and for others just intensifies the healing.

I invite you to join mine, or anyone else's circle, in person if you can. Zoom circles are almost MORE healing as you can log in from your room, in your PJ's!

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