Winter Solstice Soul Illumination Ceremony, December 2020

Through a happy twist of fate, I was able to attend the Winter Solstice Soul Illumination Ceremony hosted by Dia Maria Mariposa at Mt Charleston Resort this last Solstice.

The evening before the event I had a friend offer me a ticket - she had purchased it and was unable to attend last minute and thought I might enjoy it. How right she was.

Fully armed with all the info, (Mt Charleston Lodge, 12pm) I was still quite unaware of exactly what this gathering was. But ready to attend ... whatever! Was it an orgy? Should I wear my good panties? Were we doing ayahuasca? Massage circle? I mean, whatever happened, I was ready and open.

What ensued was better than any aforementioned activities, combined!

My mind blown,

consciousness enhanced,

imaginations grounded

and made me feel like I belonged.... finally.

The afternoon began with a ceremony to gather in the directions, outside, overlooking a valley and mountainside gently dusted with snow at the highest peaks. Drumming, singing, swaying, chanting, beautiful women, dressed just exactly like themselves, gathered together in circle. We were cleansed with sage in two lines with the air moving like magic around us and the desert forest laid out before us.

People gathered, guests of the hotel, restaurant and mountain, taking photos and baring witness to the literal circle of witches, gathered and worshipping on this high holy solstice. What a sight to behold!

The group moved inside, where there were small altars set up. Groups of 5 - 6 women set up their spaces, there were over 30 women in all. Dia Maria began speaking about her 2020 and her journey on the spiritual path that led to this day.

Dia Maria poured medicinal cacao, that she had risen early to prepare, for each of the sisters.

We held the dark golden liquid at our heart space, with both hands and let the scent and medicine emanate around us. Gently tasting and allowing the goodness in.

A minute to speak about the vibrational healer in our midst. She sang, oh my god did she sing. And she struck her bowl that rung into the very soul of my being. One chant she began 'I am Light' is a popular one on my 'temple' playlist, she began singing it as 'We are Light' and we were light, we were all the fucking light. Find her on Instagram @the_karing_kitchen. She beautifully accompanied our whole day. So much gratitude for her.

Dia Maria encouraged us to journal about who we are and who we are becoming. A couple of the journal prompts really jumped out at me and made me dig deep, I will be incorporating some of them into my own circles this year. One thing Dia Maria mentioned was the many parts of her, how they dress, how they show up in the world. I would like to take the time to really explore that in the coming months too.

We each lit a candle and said our names to the group, with a sentence or two about our year, our past, our present. Effectively opening circle and stitching in to each other, the space and the spirit.

The shares were authentic, relatable and vulnerable. Just the way shares should be. There was laughter and tears. I got all the feels - I hate it when people say that. I should say, "I cried with these women, I felt scared with them, experienced joy and acceptance and love." - all the feels.

After the shares, we made a list of 10 words we would like to known as using the words spoken by the room during the share as inspiration. Mine included Leader, Abundance, Light, Queen.

Three hours absolutely FLEW by. Seriously, I feel like I blinked - and on the other hand I feel like I had been in circle with these enigmatic beauties my entire life. We drifted onto the patio again, to conclude our ceremony with some paired work. Using the describing words we had previously journaled. We spoke them to each other under the afternoon solstice sun. I was paired with singing bowl lady and we shared a deep connection. Looking around at all the pairs of women - they each had shared a deep connection that will last long in our hearts.

I learned a few lessons that day on the mountain; When given an opportunity - take it, even when you don't exactly know what it might be. (It could be drugs or an orgy!); Be OPEN to the healing power of womens circles ( I just reinforced my knowledge of this one), allow yourself to be a spectacle, wear your heart on your sleeve and trust; and lastly, be GRATEFUL for every little thing and every big little thing.

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